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Need an email on IranPaik for 4000 toman/year? ( )




Want your own mail server? ? Read on...




# of mail boxes


Domain Name

ES - I

5 / 10 MB

24,000 Toman

10,000 toman

ES - V

Unlimited / 20 MB

50,000 Toman




  • All plans include Webamil , Spam & Anti-Virus protection.

  • Domain Parking page with your company name


  • Each 5MB of space : 5000/Year


POP3/SMTP/WEBMAIL on your domain!!


Don't need a website and just need space to use your own email with your own domain? Well we have the solution for you!


Our Email service can deliver a highly reliable, easy to use email service for you.

You receive a competitive, self-supporting solution with multiple access methods (POP, WebMail and IMAP), comprehensive management and administrative tools, as well as value added services without having to make significant capital and human resource expenditures.

What do I get?


When you purchase a mail server youget:



  • POP3/SMTP access

  • Numerous Email aliasing

  • Webmail (Horde)

  • Your own space on our server

  • Catch-all

  • Ability to rename mailboxes

  • Rules functionality including auto-responders and filters

  • User and Email Administrator online management interfaces

  • Password creation and maintenance

  • Online customer self-support tools

How much does it cost?


You have email. But what does it cost? Hidden or not - you have on-going operational and maintenance expenses. You are spending precious resources - human and capital - on infrastructure. Instead, you could be reinvesting the time and money building your business - increasing competitive advantage and driving profit. Not to mention no Ads in your mailbox !



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